Apple iPhone X 64GB


Camera is super!(it is easy wedding to shoot!) Iron stock for many years, wireless charging!(just mega convenient!)

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I bought the first day for 65K, a kidney to sell was not necessary. The first thing noticed after 6s — operating time from the battery. Now the phone is not discharged after 3-4 hours of usage, and it may live a day, not just lie in air mode and to operate normally. (see photo). Glass looks pretty fragile, the next day after purchasing the phone, it was decided to purchase the original leather case, still looks cool. Also pleased with the work Face ID and notifications: the phone does not show the content of notifications is exactly what you see on the screen is right ♥ now. Brow cool, new gestures used on the first day, irritation from what they changed was not very.



Black, Grey

Operating system



4 Gb


4.8 inch.


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